Aktan Elena

(07/03/1973 m. Kyiv), Cand. Sci. science, science. spivrob. She graduated in 1996 Heat Power Faculty of NTU “KPI”, 2002 Asp-ru Faculty of Physics Kyiv. Univ. Defended candidate. Dis. “Thermodynamics lamellar crystals melting” (2002). In Kyiv. University are: 2003 ml. Science. spivrob sciences. spivrob. Faculty of Physics. Science. specialty – honey. physics. Developed a technique experiment. konsistentnyh study the rheological properties of fluids. Explores molecules. mechanisms of regeneration of collagen structures coagulation kinetics, the effect of external factors on the process keratynyzatsiyi skin microscopic mechanisms of functioning of membrane lipids, the impact of pharmaceuticals on the rheological properties of the components of connective tissue. The author of 42 science. works, including 1 invention.

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