Szymanski Yuri

(06/10/1928, m. Kyiv – 02.03.1998, m. Kyiv), Dr. Sci. Sciences, prof., Acad. In 1951 he graduated from the Physics Department of Kyiv. Univ. From 1953 he worked in Kyiv. University are in positions: 1954-64 Assoc., 1964-66 elders. Science. spivrob. (Doctoral student), 1966-69 Assoc., 1969-98 prof., 1978-89 head. Dep. Molecular Physics, 1981-85 Dean of the Faculty for teachers of universities, 1993-98 prof., head. Dep. Sci. Science NaUKMA (for compatible.). In 1968 he defended the doctor. Dis. “Study kvazystatycheskyh prevraschenyy single-component systems and bynarnыh vblyzy krytycheskoy in terms liquid-vapor and kvazystatsyonarnыh fazovыh junctions liquid-vapor in yndyvydualnыh and soluble substances.” Revived in the University are sciences. school of studies of critical phenomena. Sh – author of the classical theory of temperature dependences of the heat of vaporization, density and isochoric heat capacity near the critical state. Observed. and teoret. investigated the effect of gravity fluids. He made a significant contribution to the formation of today. isomorphic representations of the behavior of individual substances and mixtures. Studied the kinetics of evaporation and condensation growth of drops of liquids in a wide range of pressures. He developed a theory of the influence of temperature on the surface layer of the liquid phase transition kinetics in aerodispersive systems. He performed a series of studies of composite materials and a number of model studies of mechanisms of growth of fractal particles in disperse systems. He has lectured on natural. f max of course public. physics, physical. f’s – courses “Molecular Physics”, “Physics of phase transformations”, “Physics of gases and liquids.” Charles was a member of. the editorial board of “Physics aerodispersive systems”, “Physics of the liquid state”, “Proceedings of the higher educational institutions. Physics. ” He was a member of. Section of Physical and Technical Nauk. liquids. Council MVSSO MVSSO USSR and the USSR, Dep. head for Physics and Engineering. VSHU Sciences Department, member of. Problem Council of Thermal Physics at ANU, a member of. Commission of the thermal properties of substances civil service reference data tsp. Vch. Kyiv council. Univ. He was awarded medals “For doblestnu work” (1970), “In memory of the 1500 anniversary of Kyiv” (1982), “Veteran of Labor” (1985), USSR Ministry breastplate “For excellent successes in work” (1984). Awarded grant Int. Fund “Renaissance” in Science and Education (1997). Author of more than 300 science. works. DOS. Labor: Krytycheskoe STATUS chystыh substances. K., 1961 (co-author.) Scaling, Crossover, and Classical Behavior in the Order Parameter Equation for Coexisting Phases of Benzene from Triple Point to Critical Point // Intern. Journal of Thermophysics, 1996. Vol. 17. N 3 (et al.); Shape of the sulfur hexafluoride coexistence curve near the critical point // High Temperatures – High Pressures, 1998, Vol. 30 (at al.); Thermodynamic theory of critical phenomena. K., 1998; Molecular Physics. Teach. guidances. for students. nat. spec. un-ing. K., 2007 (et al.). Lit-ra: History of Kiev University. 1834-1959. K., 1959; The Kiev University. 1834-1984. K., 1984; Academician VSHU. Directory. K., 1994; Who’s Who in Ukraine. K., 1997; Doctors of Science twentieth century .: Handbook. K., 2001; George Szymanski. Collection in honor of the memory. Series “Scientists Kyiv Mohyla Academy.” K., 2002.

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