Svechnikova Oksana

(31.3.1958. M. Kyiv), Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Research Fellow.

She graduated in 1979 Physics and Mathematics KDPI them. Gorky.

In the physics department of Kyiv National University of T. Shevchenko in 1990 – postgraduate from 1993 junior researcher, from 1999 researcher, from 2003 senior researcher of molecular physics.

In 1999 defended her thesis on “viscoelastic anisotropy highly ordered polymer fibers” on the specialty 01.04.14- thermal physics and molecular physics.

Main directions of scientific activity: Physics of polymers – Experimental and theoretical studies of viscoelastic anisotropy highly ordered polymer fibers and medical physics (experimental and theoretical studies of visco-elastic properties, photographic and X-ray fibrilyarnyh biopolymers).

Secretary of State Examination Commission Faculty of Physics (1995 – 2001), since 2001 Scientific Secretary of the Scientific Council D 26.001.08 on doctoral and master’s theses on specialties 01.04.02 – theoretical physics, 01.04.14 – thermal physics and molecular physics.

1996 – 2006 member of the trade union bureau of physical faculty.

Awarded Commendation Chairman KCSA “For significant contribution to the creation of spiritual and material values and achieve high professional skills” (2002).

The author of 50 scientific papers. Co-author of the textbook “Medical Physics” and the book “New Directory. Math. Physics (2004).”

The new guide. Math. Physics (2009)
The new guide. Math. Physics (2009)

The main scientific works: Properties of Skin Layer of ultra high Modulus PE-Fiber // Polymer Science, 1993. V 6. (a co-author.) Application of the theory relaksatoriv to the interpretation of experimental research on the relaxation properties of polymers // Ukr.fiz.zhurn., 1999. № 6 (at al.); Physics of polymers. Teach. manual. K., 2004 (co-author). ;, New guide: Mathematics, Physics. Teach. manual. K., 2004 (co-author.). Determination of shear upruhosty material in the process zatverdevanyya // Funktsyonalnыe materials, 2006 (co-author.) Thermal fluctuations strains in highly ordered polymer fibers // polymer journal, 2008. № 4; Medical Physics. T. 2. Experiment in medical physics. Textbook. K., 2008 (co-author).
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