Zagorodnya Olga

(21. 08.1974, Poltava), PhD. Sci. Science, they say. Science. spivrob. In 1996 she graduated from the Physics Department of Kyiv. Univ. At the University are working since 2002 as they say. Science. spivrob. Dep. molecular physics. Kandy. Thesis .: “The influence of external factors on the rate of evaporation of liquid droplets intensive” (2004). Areas of Sciences. of physics aerosols, phase transitions 1st race: evaporation and kondensatsiya.Osn. work: Intensive evaporation of nonan C9H20 droplets in dry nitrogen atmosphere in dark regime and under optical radiation // J. Aerosol Sc, 2001. 32. suppl.1 (in co-authorship); On the problem of evaporation of water droplets under action of light irradiation // J. Phys .: Condensed Matter, 2002. 14 (in co-authorship); Peculiarities of Water Droplet Evaporation at Constant Temperature. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 2003. Vol. 48. 9 (in co-authorship);) Evaporation of nitrobenzene droplets under the effect of optical irradiation (in Ukrainian) // Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 2003.Vol.48. 5 (in co-authorship); Evaporation of droplets of water and ice in atmosphere of dry nitrogen containing vapor of Freon-113 and nonane // J. Molec.Liquids, 2005. 120 (in co-authorship).

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